Our Mission

The mission of the Whitefield Christian Church is to live out what it means to be the people of God in Christ in the town of Whitefield and the surrounding communities, and to have as much an impact for the Kingdom of God in the state, the nation and the world that God will enable this church to have.  

For this to occur we will be committed to: 
1.    Worship God in keeping with the precepts and commands  of  the Bible
2.    Nurture, encourage and help one another mature  as  Christians,  so  we might be a holy people
3.    Witness to the Person and Work of Christ, so that sinners might be reconciled to God, through faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord, and added to the church  

In order to pursue this overarching and grand threefold purpose, every member of the local body is to be engaged in ministry.  The ministry is the means Christ has given for his servants to fulfill their calling as his people.  Generally speaking, this ministry is threefold:

1.The ministry of the Word, whereby the truth and claims of Scripture are brought to the attention of the godly, as well as the lost.  Every member is to minister the word when called upon to do so in keeping with one’s calling and gifts.

2. The ministry of order, or the ministry of discipleship.  This entails admonishing, exhorting and encouraging our brothers and sisters in their walk with Christ.  Helping them to bring His gracious order into their lives in greater fullness; 

3.The ministry of mercy, which involves ministering to the pressing physical, temporal and economic needs of the poor, the weak, the defenseless, both inside and outside the church.

Our Ministry

We believe that knowing and trusting in Jesus Christ brings real meaningful change and help to people’s lives.

Our ministry reflects this reality in terms of worship, teaching, support and care.
Our ministry is for individuals, families, the elderly and those who have tangible economic needs.

Our ministry aims at bringing glory to the true and living God by believing, applying and sharing God’s grace and truth found in Christ alone and revealed in the Scriptures.

We Offer:

  • Biblically formed public worship reflecting the truth of the historic Christian Faith and Worldview
  • Christ-centered pastoral counseling for personal, marriage and family problems
  • A variety of Fellowship Group meetings for support, encouragement and Bible Study
  • Help to those burdened with economic needs or other physical problems
  • Good News Ice Cream Truck, providing free ice cream to the community on summer Sunday evenings
  • Morrison Nursing Home Services on the fourth Sunday of each month