Who We Are

We are an evangelical church committed to the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ. This commitment is expressed in our self-conscious adherence to the Gospel that proclaims that Jesus Christ is the redeemer of sinners. He is the sole savior and mediator between God and fallen men and women. It is also expressed in our self-conscious confession that the Bible is our ultimate and final authority for what we believe and for how we seek to live. Yet we seek to interpret and understand the Bible with humility and the awareness that others have gone before us and therefore we value the important role of the Christological creeds of the ancient church and the great confessions of the Protestant Reformation. Our commitment to the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ is finally expressed in our desire to give all honor and glory to the Triune God as we love one another and share the Gospel with the people of the North Country.

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  • Our Commitment

    For this to occur we will be committed to:
    1. Worship God in keeping with the precepts and commands of the Bible;
    2. Nurture, encourage, and help one another mature as Christians, so we might be a holy people;
    3. Witness to the Person and Work of Christ, so that sinners might be reconciled to God, through faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord, and added to the church. 
  • Our Ministry

    In order to pursue this overarching and grand threefold purpose, every member of the local body is to be engaged in ministry. The ministry is the means Christ has given for his servants to fulfill their calling as his people. Generally speaking, this ministry is threefold:
    1. The ministry of the Word, whereby the truth and claims of Scripture are brought to the attention of the godly, as well as the lost. Every member is to minister the word when called upon to do so in keeping with one’s calling and gifts.
    2. The ministry of order, or the ministry of discipleship. This entails admonishing, exhorting, and encouraging our brothers and sisters in their walk with Christ, helping them to bring His gracious order into their lives in greater fullness;
    3. The ministry of mercy, which involves ministering to the pressing physical, temporal and economic needs of the poor, the weak, the defenseless, both inside and outside the church.

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The servant leaders of the Whitefield Christian Church guide the church in fulfilling the mission Christ has set before us of Worship, Nurture, and Witness.

  • Teaching Elder

    Pastor Nathaniel Bickford was called to serve the Whitefield Christian Church in 2019. A graduate of the Berkshire Institute for Christian Studies, Lancaster Bible College, and Westminster Theological Seminary, Nathaniel desires to help the church grow deeper in their faith. Outside of his pastoral work, Nathaniel enjoys hiking and snowshoeing in the White Mountains with his wife and three kids.

  • Ruling Elders

    Jerry Blanchard

    Jim Ramsdell

    Butch Rexford

  • Deacons

    Steve Cox

    Gabe Feagler

    Arnold Rousseau

    Sandy Russell

    Larry Vars